For Freedom Afro Mix

For Freedom Afro Mix By Lavi Beats is an Afro mix and the lyrics have been inspired by Shervin Hajipour’s “Baraye Azadi”. This song is born out of the struggle of young women fighting for freedom of personal choice. Every day we are witnessing demonstrations for freedom of personal choice by young women in major cities around the world. We produced this song to publicise this struggle and reach international audience.

We have spent a lot of time producing a song that is international radio-friendly.


Please add For Freedom Afro Mix to your Spotify playlist and share it on your social media. Try to call your local radio station (HERE IS HOW) and request it. This could enhance the chance of radios playing this song and for it to become an international song. At the end, this song belong to people of Iran and we will give most of the profit to the people in Iran
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